Raymond Ramos jr

Missionary, RHOW CPM

September: Back to School

Session 1: Gospel Theology

Ray and I began our Redeemer City to City Apprentice class where we studied Gospel Theology. Interesting discussion about what exactly the gospel is. We know that the gospel changes everything-- but practically speaking, what changes? What difference does the gospel make in your life? What is its relevance in your workplace?

David Kim said "Work should be an expression of your identity, not the source of it." He talked about how God designed work to be a good thing. So many of us compartmentalize our lives and leave the gospel out of our workplace. Work should be an expression of who you are, not the source of your identity.

Men's Retreat!

Pastor Ray, Ray Jr and I have been working tirelessly to put together a powerful weekend in December! We have a line-up of dynamic speakers that will be talking about what it means to be a man of God. Spread the word to ALL of the men in your life! The world needs more men who say YES to God and NO to self. Separate yourself from the distractions of life and hear what God would say to you this weekend. For more info: Click Here.


Recovery House of Worship Bronx

Our Bronx church plant if flourishing!! In September we relaunched our Women's ministry (which was on a summer hiatus) and LAUNCHED OUR MEN'S MINISTRY!! Both the men and the women meet at 3:30pm on Sundays (before our 5pm service). God has raised up local volunteers for our Worship, Follow-up, Usher's, Children's, Hospitality, and Small group ministries!! These volunteers are Bronx residents who call RHOW Bronx their home! This is such a win for us as a church plant. Keep praying for RHOW Bronx. Beautiful things are happening there.

Also, we are going FACEBOOK LIVE every Sunday at 5pm!
Please "like" our RHOW Bronx Facebook page for access!


On a More Personal Note...

On September 27th Ray and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary! Ray and I are completely overwhelmed by all of the love and well wishes that we received! We are so grateful for our support system and family! Although we have both been very busy didn't have much time to "celebrate" I'm grateful to be in a relationship where we celebrate our love everyday.
That night, I put on my veil, we danced to our wedding song and looked through our wedding albums. It's the little things like that that mean so much to me. I love you, Raymond. I am honored to call you my husband. Here's to many, many more adventures together!

"Mrs. Ramos! Mrs. Ramos!"

September means back-to-school for this 5th grade teacher! One year ago I came back from my honeymoon and two days later interviewed for a teaching position at this school. Never in a million years did I think I would be teaching, especially not at this school, but I went on the interview just for the interview experience. As soon as I walked in I sensed that this is where God wants me. I said yes not knowing why I was there. Over the past year it has been made more and more clear that this is where I'm supposed to be right now. This season of my life has stretched me, pushed me to my limits, and molded me a little more into the woman God has called me to be.

Graduating from college with a Master's degree in Microbiology, I had hoped that God would lead me to a nice, comfortable, high paying job, where I could put my expensive degree to use...God had other plans. People ask me all the time what I am doing teaching at this school instead of looking for a job in my field. The only answer that I have is God didn't lead me there. He led me here.

Last month I began my 2nd year teaching at this school. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I am a perfectionist and someone who needs to be in control. This year I am praying that I become more reliant on Christ and less on my abilities. I am learning the beauty of resting, saying "no", and putting up boundaries to prevent myself from burning out. Please keep these things in prayer this year.