Raymond Ramos jr

Missionary, RHOW CPM

Hurricane relief, retreats and more!

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We can't do this without you! Through the generous support of people like you we are able to help addicts rebuild their lives on the firm foundation of the gospel. We are spreading the gospel throughout NYC!





Dear family,
     Welcome to our very first monthly newsletter! The goal of this letter is to let you know what we’ve been up to, what God is doing through our ministry, what’s coming up, and how you can be a part of what God is doing here in NYC! Our mission is to bring the gospel to those struggling with addiction and to help them rebuild their lives on the firm foundation of Christ.
Florida Missions Trip Just days after Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida Ray Jr, Pastor Ray and Greg C. loaded up their van with cases of water, tanks filled with gas, canned food, flashlights, and other needed supplies and drove down to Florida. Unsure of where they would be staying or exactly what they would be facing they relied on the Lord to provide as they served everyone that they could. They were able to pray with people, hand out supplies, help people rebuild, and preach the gospel.
"We met a young man who was attracted to us by the "grateful" sticker on our van. He was a christian who had strayed away from the faith. We got a chance to talk to him about God's grace and how our meeting wasn't a coincidence. We were able to pray with him and keep in contact with him. We opened a door for him in case he ever had a need to come to NYC." --Ray Jr.

Marriage Retreat What better way to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary than to go on our first marriage retreat? Big shout out to RHOW Staten Island for putting together such an awesome event. Ray and I are ministry-aholics. If there is work to be done or if someone needs help we can’t sleep at night knowing that the need wasn’t met. It was such a blessing to be able to get away for the weekend, focus on our marriage and spend time in prayer asking God what the next season of our life will look like. We learned that we will never be able to be the perfect spouse but only through prayer and God’s word will our marriage be able to not only survive, but thrive, in this broken world. 

Puerto Rico Mission Hurricane Maria demolished the beautiful island and with cell towers down communication was nearly impossible so many people were trapped in their homes with no food, water or medical treatment. There was a lot of misinformation going around about what was actually happening on the island. FEMA supplies were stuck at the docks so they were not being distributed. After numerous phone calls, hours waiting on hold, etc. we were forced to face the fact that no one was shipping supplies to PR. Pastor Ray was on the first available flight out to PR to see what was going on and how he could serve those affected. Back at home we and the rest of the team have been collecting supplies which will be sent out as soon as possible. We have been collecting donations because the most effective way to get supplies to people has been to go to the major stores on the island and purchase them. Stores like Walmart are often sold out of water and when they do restock people must wait in line for hours to purchase the two cases they are allowed. We have been able to give ice to an elderly man who needed it for his medicine, water to people who hadn’t drank in days, and gas to those desperately trying to drive across the island to check on their loved ones. God is moving in PR. People are blown away by the love they are being shown!! Many are tangibly feeling the love of God! Thank you to all that are partnering with us!

Homeless Outreach We have been putting our Grateful Bus to good use in the past couple of months!! We have partnered with Trinity Rescue to reach the NYC homeless with the gospel. Our mobile soup kitchen goes on two runs a month stopping at several different places in Manhattan. Addiction is a huge problem within the homeless community in NYC. We go out and bless people. We are able to give them a hot, home-cooked plate of food. They are able to “shop” from our rack of clean clothes—many people will wear this outfit until our next run! We are able to get them into detox. We have also started to provide basic wound care thanks to a dedicated volunteer, John W. During our last run we met a man who had been jumped and had wounds on his hands and feet that did not heal properly in over a month. The team was able to take off his old socks, rinse the open wounds with antiseptic, apply bacterial ointment and apply clean dressings, wrap the wound, and give him a clean pair of socks. We are able to provide food and clothing to over 200 people per month! 

Special shout out to Vinny N. and his faithful team who have not missed a single run since they started! Rain, snow, holidays, etc. they are on the streets being the hands and feet of Jesus! Thank you for allowing us to partner with you! If you’d like to volunteer or support these efforts, email vinnyn@me.com

Puerto Rico Missions Trip With the relief center set up, Ray Jr and Pastor Ray will be going to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Through your generous donations they will be able to purchase and distribute supplies, help to rebuild homes, preach the gospel with words AND actions and see lives changed. Pray for protection and that many would come to know Christ.
Finances To be totally transparent, as young missionaries we really didn’t want to include an ask for finances in our first newsletter, but we are in need and God says that we must ask. Living on one income in NYC is proving to be difficult but we are answering the call of God on our lives and know that He will provide. Our hope is to raise a salary for Ray. Our current goal is $2,000 monthly. Please pray for finances to become available, for doors to open, and for financial supporters. If God leads, become a monthly supporter!
A Night for Puerto Rico! (Thurs 10/26, 6pm, 360 Schermerhorn St Brooklyn) Come hear what we will be doing in Puerto Rico for the next year! Join us in prayer. Learn how you can be a part of what God is doing.

RHOW Men’s Retreat (Fri 10/27-Sun 10/29, Deerpark NY) For over 15 years RHOW has been going to Camp Deerpark and God has always met us on the mountain! Join us for a powerful weekend where we will be learning about “Raising the Standards.” Tickets are available here.

A Night To Be Thankful--Pasta Dinner (Fri 11/17, 7pm, 2001 Bay Ridge Parkway, Brooklyn) Our Trinity Rescue family will be sponsoring a pasta dinner with raffles and baskets. All proceeds go directly to the monthly expenses of the Homeless Outreach. Suggested donation of $20pp. 

“The Accidental Pharisee” by Larry Osborne
“Zealous faith can have a dangerous, dark side. While recent calls for radical Christians have challenged many to be more passionate about their faith, the down side can be a budding arrogance and self-righteousness that “accidentally” sneaks into our outlook.” “..it's the kind of book that talks about blind spots and perspectives. The main goal is to look at your own heart with self-examination, leaving you with a compelling feeling to cry aloud, "Is it me, Lord?"

Ray and Meghan Ramos