Raymond Ramos jr

Missionary, RHOW CPM

 12 step/FAITH BASED Rehab


“Before coming to the RHOW Men’s Home, I was homeless in Alaska, addicted to drugs, feeling hopeless and lost. I came to RHOW because unlike most drug treatment facilities they give you the tools you need for all 3 aspects of addiction—mental, physical, spiritual. Having a warm safe place to stay, attending meetings, Bible studies, and church services along with giving back by helping in the soup kitchen that feeds the homeless. RHOW is the most well-rounded Recovery I have been to or even heard of.”

               -Thomas I., Alaska

"Everything was going seemingly well in my life. I had my own apartment and a great career.

But It wasn't too long until I found myself depressed. As a result I had lost my job and my apartment. I had nowhere to go my life took a turn for the worse.

I came to the Men's rehab at RHOW Brooklyn. They took me in. Here there are many great men. They have become spiritual mentors to me. They began to pour into me and love me and fill that emptiness with the love of God. I began to grow, leaving my self doubts and fears behind me. I thank God for bringing me here to a place of such love & kindness, a place that is safe where I get nourished physically and mentally." 

-Nicky S., Queens, NY


“Before I got clean and came to RHOW, I was an I.V drug user, physically dependent on heroin and benzodiazopenes. I was lost and hopeless, doing anything and everything to get my next fix. I was unkempt and totally unrecognizable to family and friends. I was homeless and actively trying to overdose.

RHOW has provided me with the stability necessary to begin to make progress on rebuilding my life. I have relearned life skills from basic personal hygiene and proper eating to more advanced skills like interpersonal relationships and skills for staying clean. RHOW has helped me to begin to build a sober foundation that I will hopefully be able to maintain for the rest of my life.

Today my life is actively filled and fulfilling. I am slowly starting to rebuild myself through hardwork and consistency. I am developing friendships and continually learning to love and care for myself. I wake up happy.”

-Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY

“The men's home at Recovery House of Worship has helped me in a tremendous way. It has afforded me the opportunity to explore my relationship with Christ further, while helping me develop skills that will enable me to lead a better, more productive life that's centered around God. I have formed many new relationships while being here and with Christ at the center of my heart I've been able to nourish the friendships into an unbreakable bond. I laughed, loved and most importantly begun to live since I've been here and for that I am eternally grateful. Being accepted into the family of Christ and this Christian brotherhood has healed my heart in ways I never conceived to be possible. The healing power of God flows throughout this ministry as it manifests itself in the many lives this program has helped and touched.

My mentor Raymond Ramos Jr took me under his wing when I first arrived here. He did not know me, the evil I've done, the wrongs, or the pain and hurt I've suffered, all he saw was a young man in need of God and guidance. He invited me to take part in the men's home and the growing process that occurs within in and I readily accepted. He has taken the time to show a troubled youth like myself a way to lead a better life, a way towards a better future. He has conversed with me many times as I sought counsel from him in many troubled areas of my life and he has lead me through with words of compassion and wisdom. He may not know it but he has helped shape me into a better man, the man I am today. Recovery House of Worship, along with its ministry leaders, are on the forefront of bringing Christ to those who readily need him in their lives.”

       -Peter S., Poughkeepsie, NY